Karin Ferrari: Weird Wired Viral: A Graphic Novel
Weird Wired Viral: A Graphic Novel
(S. 89 – 97)

Karin Ferrari

Weird Wired Viral: A Graphic Novel

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Karin Ferrari

is a visual artist based in Vienna. She uses visual material from pop culture, focusing on an aesthetic vocabulary that is produced collectively on the internet and linked to a body of knowledge and aesthetic that has emerged on YouTube on the intersection of academic theory, (political)paranoia, and fantasy fiction. Her web series, DECODING (THE WHOLE TRUTH), has been a success on YouTube. The videos examine TV clips and music videos in order to reveal hidden messages.
Elisabeth von Samsonow (Hg.): Epidemic Subjects—Radical Ontology

Modern philosophy continues to grapple with the idea of subjectivity—and, as the concept of subjectivity has been refined and redefined, the struggle has spread to the ways we conceive of sovereignty, collectivity, nationality, and identity. Yet, in the absence of an authoritative account of these concepts, new ways of thinking have emerged which continue to evolve.
Epidemic Subjects—Radical Ontology brings together a team of contributors who forge a radically inclusive definition of subjectivity. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s concept of the “girl” as a heuristic device for examining modern society, they tie together recent trends in philosophy and offer a concrete way forward from the conception of the “thing” or “object” privileged by new materialism, speculative realism, and other theories of subjectivity.