»This is not my blood.«


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What was your first thought today?
A snow storm apparently hits New York City. I’m wondering if today or tommorrow.

Is it true?
I’m not sure.

East or West?
East, if anything.

How old is your consciousness?
28 years old.

What is the problem with solutions?
Unchosen choices constantly create all the countless parallel worlds.

Can you recite a poem?
I can’t, but only in fragments.

What is the personal form of “our”?

Where is your center of gravity?
Around liver.

What is your description of the word “anonymity”?
A voice without a face.

Duchamp or Warhol?

 What is your spur?
An absolute difficulty of understanding the other

Are you serious?

What does “why” mean?
Throwing a stone into a pond to stare ripples on the water.

Which groups do you belong to? Choice of three to five.
Something not being male, something using words, and something walking on two legs.

Do you translate these questions into your mother tongue and back?

What is the name of that difference?
Things like holding a sponge hammer to face each other.

What book are you actually reading?
The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster.

Dogs or cats?

What would you do if not art?
I would harvest honey in a damp thicket.

What should happen after death?
Staying there for a while, I gaze my body like through binoculars.

What is the personal form of “your”?

Where do you think you are going to?
Voice, the place where voices come from.

Blind or deaf?

Who does your past belong to?
Aged mother.

What Knowledge?
To find a new constellation.

Which faith?
Depriving while giving.

Can you describe the face of strangeness?
Surely different, although they’re pretty similar like twins. However, I don’t know what makes them different.

Your favorite geometric form?

What drives you mad?
The label of bottles. I couldn’t peel them off properly.

North or South?
To south, definitely.

What are your main worries?
After my death, no longer do I clear up all the misunderstandings in the past.

If you wouldn’t be you. What would you be the most alike?
A leaf-mimicking insect.

Looking forward, what do you see?
A white squeaky door.

Your favorite food?
Japanese wild plants, taste bitter and a bit earthy.

What would you like to get rid of?
The exploitation of something, that I wouldn’t intend.

Thinking back, what do you hear?
I hear someone singing high notes. That’s in foreign language though.

What would be the antidote?
A diary of the other.

Your most valuable possession? Only things.
Something to write memories down.

Your temporary frame of mind?
What if these simple days in our life had its script written by someone, as a series of these answers itself shaped a certain narrative just here.

All illustrations:

Lesson (Japanese)
2015, Single channel video, 7'16'' (looped)

© Aya Momose

Questionaire by Michael Heitz

The project space CORNER COLLEGE in Zurich’s 4th district has for some time now been giving invigorating impulses to both art and ­theory, and can be recommended to every visitor to Zurich with a taste for experimental, discursive, sensory cuisine. When I looked in again recently I was caught by a double video projection, whose afterimages flickered for days between the speech centre and visual cortex of my vernally tired brain. The screen diptych screwed into a timber frame coupled a loop repeatedly interrupted by hard black leader, which delivered the negation of elementary identitarian ­sentences in the form of a cunning cultural karaoke, with a subtle narration about zoophilia and painting, taming and assimilation.
The displacement, even dissociation, of body and gesture, voice and language, undertaken with intelligent wit by Aya Momose, stages loud and soft differentiations and what might most aptly be described as an Allo-aesthetics. Despite my enjoyment of the lesson I was given, I didn’t want to remain lost in translation: “Fixed Point Oberservation (With My Father)”, another of the artist’s video works, which forces a question-and-answer game into a monologue, gave me the idea of presenting the artist with a questionnaire …

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